EmotionalySorrowed (neverwinternick) wrote in poetica,

Adolecent Love (By Meghan and me)

Cursive the words you wrote
In the leters you sent to me
remembering of times past
when we were once happy and whole

There was once a time when we smiled
in portraits for our own pleasure
and our time was once spent together
before everything was left behind

We once shared our lives
we once shared our time
we once shared our hearts
we once shared ourselves

Laughs we had of fun times
and tears brought by bad
the initial make up
and the anticipated break up

the way i used to look at you
the way we used to kiss
the things you used to say to me
all of these i used to miss

We once shared our embrace
we once shared our gaze
we once shared our passion
we once shared our forever

and now we are here alone
with nothing to separate us again
so lets go back to what we are
and what we will continue to be
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